A Broken and Fatherless Girl!

There was a little girl who so many felt was raised with a silver spoon inside her mouth. She was bronze-toned with long shiny hair who never received that first #truelove each babygirl should enco…

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A Broken and Fatherless Girl!

There was a little girl who so many felt was raised with a silver spoon inside her mouth. She was bronze-toned with long shiny hair who never received that first #truelove each babygirl should encounter. She never had that full-time father who could teach her the in’s and out’s of how to deal with little boys and the explanations of the pain she may receive from the dreams little boys sold to receive the one thing he as a little boy desired which was to be able to have sex with her and move forward like it never existed.


She was the oldest child for both of her parents and an only child a total of 4 years with her mother and almost 10 years on her father side of the family. She never received the daily activity of her daddy being in the same home. She rose daily to her mother and sometimes which later became often her grandmother and grandfather.  She missed the daddy/daughter dances where he showed her the standards of a #king.

When she was with her father or better yet her #spermdonor it consisted of her being inside the car when he made his street errands. It was a normal for her to see her father manipulating women. She will never forget the moment her dad beat a man with a broomstick etc.

As this little girl grew over the years she lost touch of herself. Who am I? What happened? Why did her dad make the decision to treat her like she never existed?  These are so many questions that she never received an answer for so with these answers being left unanswered she became #heartless.

A #heartless or #broken woman is a #dangerous woman. This is a woman who lacks #love because she was never #loved by her first encounter of a #man known as her #father. How can a woman be healed from wounds created in her childhood moments?  A woman can be healed when she herself find herself. So many of us lost touch and at times want to give up. #God is the only man that can heal the hurt a #father or  #mother creates. A child does not ask to be created and it is so #wrong and #disrespectful for the parents to act as if the child is a #hinderous to their life goals.  This issue needs to be #fixed we as individuals can not and should not want to continue the #brokencycle curse inside our communities.  This little girl went #unhealed for years.

Since she was #unhealed she became a #sexaddict and devalued her #worth. When she devalued her worth she #settled for the bullshit she was dashed with the falsification of being in #love which was actually #lust. She lost so so so much of herself and she had a level of #hatred with both her mother and father people would never understand. She was a little girl who made it because of her grandparents. They may have kept this little girl inside the church literally almost every day of the week from the normal sunday service to choir and praise dance rehearsals after her day at school.

This little girl went without so much from a father/daughter stand point. However, the saying tends to be true. A daughter always fall in love with a man similar if not identical to her father. In spite of her father absence she would always fall in love with them street boys. She had the options of the #nerds and the #dopeboys.   She would entertain the nerds by way of phone conversations but baby she gave 100 percent plus to those slanging dope. That quick and long money kept her at ease. She overlooked the levels of dangers was involved in all she desired was that #attention she lacked when growing up with her #father.

It was when she was sixteen years of age when she met the love of her life and he was hit with an involuntary manslaughter case. What does a 16 year old do when a life tragedy of such happens so suddenly? She was his ride or die chick from the aspect of cursing a female out in her mother kitchen on the phone to where she made his visits a normal. She was a teenager who cried often because the man she feel in love with took the life of another behind the game.  So many hated that she was his #rideordie chick yet only a select few understood their bond.  She graduates from a distinguished high school and go off to a historically black college away. As the time has progressed so have this situation and little momma becomes pregnant with her son her sophomore year of college which forced her to move back close to her support system and fall into corporate America which her mother and grandmother did not desire. They wanted to continue to financially be that system so she could give her degree the most focus.

It is so important for every little girl to have that father/daughter bond so she does not settle for jokers. This little girl endeared a shell and a half of self-infliction because she wanted other men to give her what her father never provided.

She is just now in a place where she does not sell herself because of what she can offer a man physically instead she needs to gel with a man mentally and spiritually. She is rather transparent. She can operate in the fashion of a man and have sex with no emotions which at times create issues.


The moral of this blog is that every little girl deserves





The list of what a little girl deserves is ongoing however, she must first #lovethyself and #knowthyself otherwise she will never receive what she is sincerely worth.





Sex something so many do not care to speak about!

Sex is a topic so many doesn’t care to share with the world of others, however I will speak on so many issues from my own personal opinion.

Sex develop soul ties. Soul ties are extremely detrimental to the human mind. When we decide to intermingle with other individuals we have took the time to blend our flesh with another flesh. As two individuals sometime more decide to kiss, lick , insert etc the mental thought of the soul demons is null and void. As we continue to engage in sexual encounters feeling are formed. Now, some will state they don’t have any feelings which I beg to defer simply because when we chose to become sexually active with another their is a physical attraction. The physical attraction may not be as strong as the mental yet their most certainly is an attraction shared. Men do not move through life with their emotions on their sleeves so several will sex a female and pretend it never happened. Women were made as emotional beings so with us being emotional naturally almost if not majority of anything we touch or share we become attached. This is a red flag simply because we need to be tender with one heart we all have. Soul ties have overpowered so many of us including myself. I was a young adult who fell in love with a street pharmacist who I now share a son with. The story behind this is crazy because at the time being a mother was the last thing on my goal list. I moved forward only to encounter another street pharmacist so he claimed who truly was a boy who had so many individuals assisting with his lack of growth he was surrounded by human crutches. My spirit was so intertwined with his the night I was standing in front of a pistol, shedding tears while holding my son whom at the moment was six months wasn’t enough to leave him the hell alone. Last man I share a son with he took my most valuable aspect of me which is my spirituality and used it as his way of entrance. He was a man who entertained so much from the night life to females from his past and present. He was a man unhealed from his own previous relationship issues. He was the man who revealed to men not only can women become bitter but a man as well. In the midst of me sexing these men on a regular basis overlooking all my red flags I was taking away from myself and blocking my own blessings. Sex is a one hell of a drug. It is a drug that if we are in love with the dosage we can and will overlook all the ignorance. Sex is something that I can say needs to be only shared with one and that one should be your husband/wife. Sex is something we tend to use as a weapon because society has sold sex appeal to the highest level possible.

Love and Lust

So many individuals have been torn between Love and Lust.
In the beginning so much occurs that leads to sexual contact
sexual contact builds soulties
in the midst of two sharing soul-ties
He/She becomes confused
They believe that what they have is Love’
until a test has found them
what should involve two oddly become one’
The other party has revealed it was never love more of Lust
So now what he/she do due to the confusion
Fight back the tears
move ahead
hopefully learned a lesson
which is to keep those legs closed instead